Friday, July 30, 2010

It's a start

Peaches are in big time in the Carolina's now, I put up a few cans but need many, many more. Bob and I are having a controversy over where to get peaches this year, I want to get them from our local farm just up the road but he believes South Carolina peaches are the best. So here is the deal, as the crow flies we are 20 miles from the SC border, hello that's not really that far from our home, however since we are not crows but humans who have to drive a car it will take an hour, more like 1 1/2 hours in Friday traffic one way to get in SC. If we stick to our local fella, we are talking less than 10 minutes.

He has upped the anti on me and suggests we take the Harley with luggage bags to bring the peaches home; less gas and a fun ride but still more time than I planned on spending to just get the peaches in the house. Heck that is the easy part, peeling, canning and processing in this heat is when the real work begins. I do want to try and dehydrate some as well but still need to figure out how to do that sooo..... we will see who prevails in this. I might just let him win this round, a bike ride would be nice and SC has a Krystal Hamburgers which is a real treat for us. No matter where we get them for the next few days it will be peaches everywhere, a real sticky mess, UGH
I have to find the time in the next week to get July 4th scrapbook pages done for the family we rent the beach house from, they have a family reunion each year over the 4th since the 1950's, I made them a scrapbook a few years ago and like to give them pages each year as a thank you gift for renting the house to us. This isn't a typical beach rental property but instead is a family beach house that is loaded in southern charm and so cozy, with 6 bedrooms, a kitchen/family room combo and a great screened porch so we can play games or cards at night and still have the ocean breeze. Lots to do and little time, that seems to be the story of my life

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