Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Planting complete

It is 87 degree's with 64% humidity already today, let me tell you that will drain the Mojo out of anyone doing manual labor outside! Thankfully I was able to finish all the summer planting this morning so I can stay in and enjoy the air conditioning and a few more gallons of cold water. Planted; tomatoes, summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, bell peppers, bush beans, Cilantro, Basil, and parsley. According to the old timers in our area we can get a second crop in before frost this year, time will tell. If it doesn't work out I haven't lost much as the plants were all 50% off, I already had the seeds for beans in my heirloom seed storage, other than more manual labor than I wanted to do this week it is an experiment worth trying.

I ended up with the Grand babies yesterday afternoon so the Mommies could begin returning baby clothes that are not going to work for Kara, baby setting was not on my list of things to do so today I will have to try and get back on track and finish that durn list, I also need to get busy and finish Bob's to do list for the weekend of things I can not accomplish with broken toes.

We have enough tomatoes from the past 2 days to can an additional 10 or more quarts of tomatoes, however my butt is dragging so that may have to wait another day.

The dehydrated potatoes turned out perfect, they look just like the ones you find in Betty Crocker scallop potato mixes and such. When things slow down a bit around here I will put together my own prepackaged mixes of soups and side dishes but for now they are all just being vacuum sealed with oxygen packs and stored.

I walked in the scraproom today and moved a few things around, I miss the hours I could spend in there during the fall and winter, I hope someday soon I can get back to creating. Kelli and Kara are doing so well that they should be able to spend more time at home alone, Kelli was able to fix supper last night for the first time in weeks YAAAA!! I know I will still need to send some meals over now and then but not every meal every day!! WooHoo. Baby Girl Kundla will be arriving a bit early, looks like second week in Oct now, that gives me just enough time to regroup and possibly start scrapbooking again!!!

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