Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Frozen Pickles

Yes really frozen pickles, seems crazy to me too, but there you have it I found a recipe for what our family calls refrigerator pickles, some call them cucumber salad I am sure there are a lot of different names to them around the country. Refrigerator pickles were always in my Mamaw's and Aunt Lucille's refrigerator, they were on the table every night in the spring and summer but in the fall when the the cucumbers were gone we would switch over to canned pickles. We have so many canned pickles already that I decided to give these a try, I am going to work on Salt Brine pickles today, the recipe is from my Aunt Lucille and Uncle Fritz, they are nothing more than soaking pickles in a salt brine for a week in a covered crock then moving them into the refrigerator, they have hardly any shelf life to speak of and I am sure are awful for our blood pressure but they are a family treat we like to have now and then in the summer. My Aunt and Uncle always had a couple of 5 gallon crocks in the basement each year of them, they were a favorite of the whole family.
I still have a lingering headache but at least I am able to get out of bed today and no more hugging the toilet bowl, yepeee!! Kelli and Kara will be over for the day to hang out, maybe I can inspire Kelli to help me put up the carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes I dehydrated overnight (not likely). We still need to get some photo's of Kara for her birth announcement, we end up just holding and cuddling her and get nothing accomplished when she is here! Ha
I am so ready to get started on Kara's scrapbook but our local scrapbook store has closed over the summer :(, and I am not crazy with what CTMH has to offer in little girl paper right now. Looks like I am gonna have to do what I should always do and shop from home for supplies, I am sure I have plenty to work with, I am just being lazy and looking for retail inspiration.

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