Friday, July 11, 2014

$14.00 Quilt Top

 After our swim date and Birthday cake on Wednesday Kara insisted on coming home with me to sew. I didn't figure I would get much done with the wild child around but I was wrong :) While I was working away on the machine she kept herself busy with a container of thread.
 The strip sets from one of the $14.00 kits came together in no time flat
 The quilt blocks even faster
 Ta Da!! Even with the rascal in the house this quilt top was done in hours!! The original quilt would have been 41x41 which I guess is considered a lap size quilt. To me a lap size quilt needs to cover from shoulders to toes. Since this quilt is intended to be a teen Linus quilt I enlarged it to 51x71 using the leftover fabric, a tiny bit more fabric I purchased from the line, and some white stash fabric from my overloaded sewing room.
 While I was in the big box store I ask if they had any more of the $8.00 minky kits in the back room. Sure enough they did!! Hot diggity dog, she even found 2 baby kits marked down to $4.00 each.
Yesterday was run the roads ALL day :) but I did manage to get the first row of the Shop Hop Row Along completed. I am in love with this first row!! One of the many stops along the way yesterday was to pick up a second pattern from another quilt shop not far from home. Hope to pick up one more today, maybe even two if I can find the third shop which is about an one and a half hours from home.

If I were a brave and completely open, honest, person I would have included a photo of the mess Kara and I have made in the kitchen over the past two days. Some things just don't need to be shared :) Holy moley, I have fabric and scraps covering every surface, the floor...oh my. Before I hit the road once again today I will get things back in some sort of order.

I have the day FREE!! DD#2 is helping out with DD#3's kiddo's this morning while she sees the Cardiologist for what we hope will be the last time. Her OB/GYN has given her the OK to return to work at the end of the month. Now it's up to the cardio to say all is clear on the heart front, fingers crossed.

Sew how will I spend this free day? Cleaning up my mess in the kitchen first off, meeting a friend for breakfast, then a road trip to pick up more Shop Hop patterns. There might even be some time leftover for a tiny bit more sewing. Over the weekend I need to get back in the sewing room to organize all of the sale fabric and kits I have scored this week along with putting things back where they belong. I make such a MESS when I am working.

My goal for July is to have 4 Linus quilts completed to turn in by the end of the month. That's a pretty lofty goal :) I think I just might pull it off using the $14.00 kits, that is if I can find enough backing fabric in my stash that will work.

Hubby seems to think he will be back home in the office by the first part of August. The days of leaving fabric from one end of the house to the other will be over :) I need to make hay while the boss is away. August will be devoted to Christmas sewing. I have a start on some of it, and a plan for more, if I can put the two together I will be well on my way to having time to play with all the cute stuff that comes out for the holiday's each year.

Is anyone else spending these dog days of summer locked up in the house?


  1. Love the top! I'm working on DGD quilt but it's a lot harder putting together blocks of all sizes and colors. I hope I don't end up with a mess. Kara takes me back to when my grands were little. They use to love the spools of thread. The lights were always the girls and darks the boys marching across the table.

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