Monday, July 21, 2014

Vacation Preps Many days Late

The day before we left for our yearly family beach trip I remembered I had not finished some play things for the little girls. Thankfully I didn't have much to do :) Just add elastic to doll hats I found at Dollar Tree.
Diapers, changing pad, bibs, bathing suits, new bottles (dollar store/2 for $1.00) and a few new outfits for their Bitty Babies.
Tucked in these cute cases I found at Crackle Barrel on sale for 40% off. If you have a little one who is wild about American girl furniture, clothes or accessories, check out Crackle Barrel's line, cute and cheap :)

Laundry bag from the dollar store to haul beach toys
Basket of grand toys collected during the year from super sales (mostly) for those "they are driving us crazy times"
Why the heck is my purse so heavy? Might as well clean it out before vacation as it is sure to be loaded up with who knows what before vacation is over.
My stuff? Wallet, change, lip gloss, keys, hand sanitizer, and reading glasses. Grands stuff? Crayons, markers, coloring books, fruity snacks, notebooks, matchbox cars, boggy wipes, hair brush, hair pretties. Maybe I should have a purse just for them to pack around.
I should have sewn these appliques I made back in March onto these tee's and tank tops for the little girls. I had two choices, get to bed on time or stay up late to finish this project. Sleep won out!!

I planned on getting this post up last Wednesday, even went so far as to download the photo's onto the post, but the day and evening got away from me. Figured I could finish the post once we arrived at the beach house, HAAAA What was I thinking!!!! Sharing a house with our big kids and grands left no brain cells to do anything more than eat, sleep, keep up with the toddlers, feed Tater Tot, and change dirty diapers.

OK, I can get back in the blogging saddle when we return home Sunday evening. NOPE, on our last evening Kara threw a slice of pizza in my direction, it landed on the laptop. More than likely the laptop is fried.... sigh. DD#1 has a friend who may be able to repair the driver that went bad but I really hated to ask him to do it. When I checked on the cost for repair's this morning they wanted $180.00 just to look at it, there would be additional charges if it could even be repaired :(

Our desktop PC has been down for many months, one thing after another has been going wrong. After 5 days at the beach with our lovely family I was in no mood for issues!!!! Time to hit the EF account. What a pain in the rump. I knew what I needed and wanted but the PC world has past me by. What I wanted is long gone. I have no idea how to get around on this new PC. Things that I could just point and click on are not where they use to be. Downloading photo's is super fast, but who the heck knows where the photo's are at :). Window 8.1 is not a friend of mine. I have ask a few friends who have the new updates, I need HELP!!! I haven't found anyone who knows how to use this new and improved version Ha.

Bare with me for the next few days as I try to figure it all out. Of course there was NO new owners manual that came in that overpriced box. The sweet young clerk who gave me such great customer service explained to me you now have to go on line to get the info. Ya ,right, you want to tell me how to even get on line? Poor fella just smiled.

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