Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Busy Beaver

 Lots of sewing has backed up on the kitchen table. Time to get caught back up :)
 Once I get the binding on this quilt it will be going to Project Linus for a tween/teen boy or girl.
 While I was out and about yesterday I ran into a great sale at Babies R Us on some newborn/preemie outfits for Bitty Baby
 A bathing suit for Karsyn's Bitty
 And one for Kara's Bitty
 Onesies on sale for $2.50 each. The easiest way to re purpose them into Bitty clothes  (to me) is to cut off the bottom.
 By adding some binding the onesie is now a Bitty dress. I am leaving the dress longer than they maybe should be so the Grand girls can use them on regular size American Girls when they are older.
I have no idea why this photo showed up twice, also have no idea how to make it go away :)

I HAVE to concentrate on sewing and cleaning the sewing room today no matter what. Everything is upside down. It's too stinkin hot to do anything else. The humidity is just awful with a tropical storm sitting off the NC coast.

We have hubby's Sister and Brother-In-Law coming in this week to celebrate the 4th. Need to plan some meals, bake, and do a bit of cleaning before Thursday. All that will have to wait until I get the fabric and sewing projects that have taken over the house back in some sort of order.

I haven't had the time to get any Linus quilts ready to turn in next month until today. Thank goodness I had a quilt top set back from last year. If all goes as planned (never) I should be able to get a second tween/teen quilt ready to turn in. Sew much fabric sew little time :)

Taking time out in the evenings for the past few days have made such a difference in my mood and energy level. I am just too darn old to go a hundred miles and hour for so many weeks.

Is anyone else spending time indoors now that Summer is in full swing?

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  1. I saw those baby clothes and wondered why you bought girl things when you newest grandbaby is a boy! But I figured it out.