Sunday, July 6, 2014

Surprise Birthday Party

 We had a surprise Birthday Party last night for my Sister In Law, boy was she ever surprised :)
 Her hubby has been thinking, planning, and worrying for 3 months to make sure he could give her a special night. Her daughter and Son In Law (on the left of this photo) from NJ were able to sneak into town to add an extra special surprise to the night.
 Everything went off without a hitch!! What a fun night for a special lady.
BIL has been so cute with e-mail and phone calls giving me clues and tips on her favorite things so everything would be perfect for his sweetheart. One of the many things he wanted her to have was a chocolate cake with butter cream frosting. I didn't want to order the typical over the hill sort of thing done on a cake, maybe for men it's OK, us ladies....not so much :) For some reason this little lady cake spoke to me. Thankfully she found it just a funny and cute as I did.

Another late night enjoying time with the adults only in the family. Well except for Tater Tot who is much too young to leave with a sitter. I have been so worried one of us would have a slip up and spill the beans with my SIL since they arrived in town on Thursday thinking they were just having a 4th of July family visit. The best part of all was her reaction when she saw her Daughter as we entered the private room at the restaurant.  Awww. SIL and her hubby are travelers now that he has retired, they love to cruise!! Our DD's and mutual friends that attended HOOKED her up with some great cruse related clothes and accessories. She was so excited to have so hip new things for thier next trip.

I had my heart set on sending them on a mini vacation to Baltimore Estates for a tour and evening at the Inn as our gift. Hubby nixed that idea as dumb, MEN. Instead we are sending them on a 3 hour tour of the speedway along with lunch at the Speedway club and matching NASCAR tee's. UGH. Oh well so much for a romantic overnight getaway :) I couldn't let our gift be all BOYISH so I tucked a Pandora bracelet and breast cancer survivor charm in with our gift from ME. Us ladies have to stick together!!

Off this morning for yet another party, the fun just never stops. We are having Kara's 4th Birthday party this morning at the park. It won't be as fancy as our evening at the Melting Pot but I am sure Kara will rock her party.

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