Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This and That

 Peaches anyone? This is part of the "harvest" from one tree! In addition 6 grocery bags went out the door to whoever I could find to share with. This is by far the biggest "Harvest" we have ever had. I have yet to even touch tree two, until I share (unload) these, tree two will go untouched.
 If I don't have enough on going projects I was in the mood Sunday night to piece a quilt. Goal for the week is to get the quilt top completed :)
And....Scrapbooking. A friend shared with me the "Project Life" system. THANKS Val!!!! This just might get the million and one photo's stored in the PC into an album or two or ten.
I would love to spend the day at home working on getting the kitchen table, counters, and floor cleaned up from all of the piles of sewing projects I have started, need to start and, WIP's but most of the day will be devoted to errands I have put off for too long, Grrr
I needed more scrapbooking supplies like I needed a hole in my head but after seeing the album my friend shared with me on her recent (as in yesterday) trip up my way I was inspired to give this fast and easy scrapbooking system a try. I have done ZERO scrapbook pages for the toddlers. Tyler...he has 8 albums. I use to do pretty good keeping up with scrapbooking photo's before all the little ones came along. I had a great system going, take photo's, print photo's and go, go, go, pages were completed :) Our once a year girls long weekend in the Mts...I could knock out 100 pages or more with page kits I compiled from home.
Then came 3 little ones in a span of two years with this Nanny having one or more of them six days a week, need I say more? Sewing is SO MUCH faster. Sewing is much less messy. The only tools needed are the cutting board, rotary cutter, scissors, a machine, and a bit of fabric. I can whip up a quilt top to bottom in a week. A week of scrapbooking I might be able to complete 10-20 pages. Sewing has always won out for the past four years. That needs to change.
A friend of mine and I have made a pact with each other that one evening a week we will work on scrapbooks for our grands. We have high hopes of working up the backlog of photo's we both have saved on our PC's.
Has anyone else that use to scrapbook fallen off the wagon for as long as I have? My goal is to get the toddlers albums completed up to each of their first Birthdays by November. Tyler still loves to drag one of his many albums out to see what he looked like as a baby and all of the little adventures he had as a toddler. I want the other four to have that same experience.
Time to put some photo's to paper!!


  1. I began scrapbooking in 1995 when I found Creative Memories, did it for a few years and then got busy with other things. I now have how many years? of photos to get into books and am still busy with other things. I do have a goal to begin again just as soon as school starts this year. You are not alone.

  2. i'm in the same boat! my first grandson has 2 beautiful books full! but now his has lagged and the rest have none. my story sounds the same--5 grandchildren born in the last 3 years--3 of them in the last year. i'm trying to work on pics a bit every day--but i seem to have trouble getting them from their parents--no one has time to sit and go through them. i'm determined to do it though!

  3. I just spent a fortune at the farmer's market for peaches, I would be more than happy to take some off your hands...:)! Great harvest!!

    So nice that you are going to do some scrapbooking..I don't have the time or the patience, although I would love to have a nice album of my grandson. I have to finish up with my son's graduation dvd first!

  4. I like scrap booking but like you, no time. I do make photo books fairly often from Shutterfly or Snapfish or Walgreens.

    Your peaches look wonderful, you freezing any of them?

  5. I so wish I was your next door neighbor :)