Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Quite Sunday

 Remember this pile of blocks from my lost and found?
I got this far with them yesterday, I wasn't in the mood to make more 16 patch blocks but I refuse to pack it all back up just to be lost again. What to do, what to do. Maybe set them on point? After spending more time than I should have trying to do the math google saved the day with this chart. I see a lot more "on point" quilts now that I have this great cheat sheet!

If I leave it as is this is a perfect size baby quilt and would be a great way to use up scraps but...I want this quilt for myself. I am just going to keep adding borders of some sort to get her to a lap size quilt. May have to name her Nanny's 1930's crazy quilt by the time I am done. Might even do some hand quilting on her for practice.

Sunday was quite here, a nice peaceful quite. Time for a bit of reading, sewing, napping, and thinking. I don't take the time out to think enough, maybe pondering would be a better description. I do lots and lots of what I would consider task thinking. Working on and thinking about our budget, retirement, home improvements, whats for dinner, plans for vacation, sewing, organizing you know the every day stuff.

Taking the time to think/ponder on where we have been, where we are now, where are we going kinda thinking. No goal setting, no list making, no earth shattering planning, just thinking.

I started this post on Monday, DD# 3 stopped by for some play time with Tater Tot and Kara, next thing you know it's Wednesday :) I have made lots of progress on my lost and found quilt top I will share with you later today. I need to put it in high gear today as we are going on a mini vacation suggested by Karsyn in the morning. Cute little story on that and one of the many reasons our budget gets blown all the h.. and back sometimes :)


  1. The 30s quilt will be beautiful, I am glad you found it.

    I had in my mind that this summer would be lots of long days and I could do so much at home, but it has not happened yet.

  2. I hope you are busy stitching and spending time with loved ones --a little concerned as you have not posted since Wednesday.