Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bargain Shopping

 Check out these quilt kits I found at one of the big box stores on sale for $14.95. The kits make a 41x42 quilt, all that I need to add is the batting and backing. Perfect for some Teen Linus quilts!!
 Another big box store had these minky quilt kits on sale for $8.99!!!! That's 80% off!!! Go Me. Now to keep my eye out for minky fabric on sale for the backing.  Each kit will make a 52x65 quilt, again I am thinking Linus teen quilt.
The one thing I was really shopping for was the first FREE pattern on the "Row by Row Experience"
I went with the kit instead of just the free pattern. Can't wait to get started on the first row!!

Check out the "Row by Row Experience" link!! How fun would this be to hit all of the quilt shops in your own state, better yet travel around the country collecting them all. My goal is to visit 8 quilt shops in our state. We have 4 shops within 20 miles of our home, the rest on my wish list are within a 2 hour drive.

Even more exciting are the deals I got on quilt kits for charity. I am going to try to stick with teen charity quilts for the next couple of months as they seem to be the greatly lacking when ladies make donations. Teens and Tweens face lots of nasty illnesses too :( 

Each week I think I will be able to get lots done, by the end of the week reality/life has set in. I'm lucky to get even a couple of hours of sewing time. Today is a good example. DD#1 had a "Girl party" too take Karsyn to. I had the boys. What the heck, we went to the bouncy house shop, at $5.00 @ it's a great place to play during the heat of the summer. Problem is that all this fun time with the boys ate up most of the day. Left home at 9:00AM not to arrive back until 2:00.  The kiddo's and heat combo sucks the mojo right out of me. I don't expect to get much done on the sewing front today. There's always tomorrow....

Well not really. Tomorrow is Kara's real 4th Birthday. We are going to take all of the little ones to the pool for the morning followed by a Princess cake before naps. Once again I will leave the house by 9:00 and not return until around 2:00. Remember the kiddo/heat combo, I more than likely be done for the day :) Oh well, I wouldn't trade this life for all the money in the world.

Better get up and get my rump in gear, hope to at least get the house in order today.


  1. You're always so inspiring Debby... I love how much you do for charity! <3 God loves a cheerful giver, so He must absoloutely adore you!

  2. I second what Carla said :) And these are some awesome deals you got there!