Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Frugal 4th of July Projects

 While cleaning the sewing room at the crack of dawn this morning I ran into this table cloth I picked up last year on the after the 4th of July sale for 75% off, total cost $18.00!! Seeing as how I have nothing else to do today (ya right) Figured I might as well do something with it seeing as how it was lost but now it's found :)
 While the fabric looks like burlap it's really polyester, it should hold up much better than burlap. SEW easy to do! Just cut it the width I wanted then ran a side seam hem.
 The runner was much longer than I needed sew...I cut the extra off and ran another seam on the end. Super easy table topper.
 I ended up with THREE table runners, one table topper, and extra fabric do to something else with that is floating around in my head, just need to find the time to use the leftovers up.
 Since I already have a 4th of July table runner I am using one of the three for the hall table. Lets pretend that the pitcher is full of sweet daisy's. I need to make a run to the grocery store, daisy's have been added to the list.
 A friends DD made this burlap tan and blue wreath for me to use during winter. I took the snowflakes off then added a few odds and ends I found at the dollar store. Cost...maybe $5.00. I can convert it back to a winter wreath come January :)
Last 4th of July  DYI is a bit of yard art. Free pallet from the home improvement store, then used some spray paint I found in the garage. Hubby's messy garage is good for something after all. Total cost ZERO!!

Over the past few years I have been working at moving holiday decorations from the attic to shelves in the garage. Before loading them on the shelves I have been pretty brutal in cleaning out stuff I just don't like anymore. After almost 40 years of marriage we have collected a whole lot of holiday STUFF. It is just to hard for me to climb in the attic to pull stuff down. The new system is not working as well as expected :)

Hubby decided the best place to park his Harley is right smack in front of the holiday shelves. Moving that heavy prize possession of his is not something I can do so...we didn't have many 4th of July decorations out this year, that is until today!! YAAAA

Now that I have played around for most of the day I have GOT to get my rump in gear!!! House still needs to be cleaned, groceries to buy, food to cook, yada, yada, yada.

One more thing to share regarding the 4th of July. Earlier this week I saw an interview on the news about Pizza 4 Patriots, check it out!! They raise money during the year to provide a pizza party for our military hero's on the 4th of July and during the Super Bowl. Talk about a big bang for just a few bucks:)

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  1. Love all the 4th of July Decor ! have fun, and if you get some extra time I could use some help cleaning my house too xx