Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Fun

 I think we have all finally recovered from our family beach trip :)
 Lots of fun in the sun
 Our little buddy Elijah finished his last radiation treatment on Tuesday!!!! Now he is on a 30 day break before the MAJOR surgery he will be having on his spine and neck. We had invited he and his family to join us this year at the beach house but he was just not up to it right now. Next year with continued prayers he will be back enjoying what little boys should be doing
 I wanted to get a few cute photo's of our Kara but as always Kara was being Kara. Never a dull moment with this gal!
Kara has a mind and spirit all her own
Super fast post this morning as I need to prepare for one more day with DD#3's kiddo's. Not sure yet which one I will have as DD#3 has to work and Daddy is not yet ready to take on Tater Tot along with Kara all on his own :) What the heck, it's fine with me. I ventured out with them yesterday to the park. Having Kara by herself for the most part least year gave us lots of time for outings, now that Tater Tot has arrived...not so much. She was very understanding with her little brother as he let us know he was not a park sorta fella yet. Our Saturday grocery run was scratched, I didn't think my body or nerves could take loading and unloading little ones in an out of the car yet again.
I lucked out on Friday as DD#2 showed up just as I was getting ready to load them up for Tater Tots well baby check and shots, so thankful she agreed to keep Kara while I made a quick trip to the Dr.
Rather than drag a baby, purse, and diaper bag around I thought I was being efficient in just throwing a diaper, bottle and zip baggie of wipes in my purse, off we went. BIG mistake!!!! Tater Tot showed off by having a BLOW OUT diaper on my lap while wearing just a diaper. The Dr. couldn't help but laugh out loud as my dress was covered in poop, even more was running down my legs. Oh my
Did he stop there, oh no. After his shot he spit up, throw up is a better description all over the front of my dress. Note to self, put together a Nanny bag that doesn't weigh as much as a toddler for outings, how soon we forget :) Time to get it in gear, it's sure to be an active Sunday.


  1. You all look like you are having a great time! Where is that beach? It looks like a great beach.

  2. You definitely need a Nanny bag there with you at all times! Preferably, with a change of clothes for yourself too :)