Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Peach's Anyone?

 Our peach trees are looking more like peach bushes this year They are LOADED down in fruit
Peaches, peaches, and more peaches. The tree branches on both of our trees are touching the ground with peaches.
Oh how I hate learning new things from the world of technology. Give me a new sewing pattern, recipe, DIY for around the house and I am all over it. New PC, scanner, and accessories, FORGET it!!! I took me 6 hours yesterday to plug up, download, install, then turn everything on. You would think as expensive as it all is the stuff would run on it's own, sigh. The DD's promise they will get by this week to help show me around Window 8.1. All I really want is to have my old PC's back :)
What's on the list for today? Finish unpacking from our beach trip, reorganizing in the grands playroom, finish piecing quilt blocks, then finish the day off with some hand quilting. Paying a few bills is also in order :( I hate to even look at the bank account after yesterdays spending spree. Ouch!!
We have hit our EF fund so many times over the past month helping out two of the big kids, my Sister, and now this. Why is it that summer always hits us the hardest? Everything seems to go haywire where the budget is concerned in the summer.
Time to shut this thing down and get the show on the road today. The sooner I knock the list out the sooner I can sit with MY quilt. I might even take a photo of the hand quilting progress today to share. That is if I can figure out how to find the photo's I download, grrrr