Thursday, September 4, 2014

Baby Steps

 Yesterday's scrapbook challenge pages. Kara meeting family members for the first time, aww
 I love all the extras Project Life has to offer like this small page protector perfect for the few extra photos I wanted to work into this layout.
 One of DD#3's baby shower's when she was prego with Kara. The extra challenge yesterday was to use oldies but goodies. I have more than my fair share of that :)
 The conversion of the old PC cabinet might be complete for now :) As I have been working on Kara's albums the past few weeks I have tried to remember what supplies/tools I use the most for girlie pages. I have high hopes this new storage will stop some of the million and one trips I have been doing each day pulling stuff out. It also should be easy to clean up at the end of a scraping  session
 The drop down table while not as spacious as the kitchen table and counter will hopefully work for small projects/pages.
I took forever to transfer the Project Life kits out of their boxes into albums!! This system is much easier to find what I am looking for and takes up much less space!!

We have spent the morning running the roads getting hubby's fleet of vehicles inspected, taxes paid, and tags taken care of. I HATE running the roads. Still to do with all his toys is to pick up the Harley after it has been serviced and pick up his truck after a new stereo system is installed. I figure it will be just our luck for both of them to be ready when rush hour hits :) Durn!

After days of unpacking Hubby's truck it looks like we have him moved back in and settled. It reminds me of when our kiddo's use to come home from college for the summer. Where in the heck did all this stuff come from? Why would anyone think some of these things are a "Treasure" Ha

Some other movement forward has been made to let the lawn service go now that the main man is back. It will be nice to have that extra $45.00 a week in our pockets. Hubby is not at all impressed with the work they have done over the summer, everything is looking shaggy :) I do agree with him but it's better than I could have done this summer with all that has been on my/our plate.

Time to make lunch...who knew that fruity snacks are not considered a meal :)

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