Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Catch up Time

 I am still working diligently on Kara's scrapbook when I can find the time, oh so close to being done :)
 Tater Tot did his part yesterday by taking a nice morning nap so Nanny could whip up a whole lot more scrapbook pages
 Friday night was a very short trip to the fair with the family. Problem #1 a huge storm was rolling in, problem #2 Tyler came down with a stomach bug :( We were all BLOWN AWAY by how many families were wearing their Prayers for Elijah shirts!!!What a wonderful, community and world we live in that so many people have taken this little guy in their hearts and prayers
 Weekend baking with Kara, gotta restock the freezer you know.
 Sunday football season started
This face should say it all. We are crazy happy our Papaw is home :)
WooHoo chicken went on sale this week :)

I am beginning to wonder now days what normal is, sigh. Our new normal seems to be hit the floor running, hold on tight, it's gonna be a bumpy, messy road. The days of having a plan and working that plan....Them days seem to be long gone :)

This crazy, sticky, messy time shall pass (I hope) Now that our sweet Elijah is on the road to recovery, Papaw is home for a good long time (fingers crossed) and last I checked no one is prego things should begin to settle down.

I really and truly would like to get back to some sort of schedule. I like my days, weeks, months planned. I'm not much a fly by the seat of your pants kinda gal. 

We have company coming in today, the house was...a wreck, hubby was under foot. I sat him up a play date for Monday night football, delivered him to the destination and got busy. I'm not much of a houseworker at 11:00PM at night but you gotta do what you gotta do right? Along with company later today we have DD#3's kiddo's and...Our weekend in the mountains begins on Friday.

It's a crazy BLESSED life we have going on right now!!

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  1. The baby and sister look exactly alike! Elijah looks wonderful in his latest photo..Thank you Lord! Have a wonderful weekend in the mountains!