Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MIA Too Long

 Hubby is FINALLY home!! Tater Tot was happy to reunite with him
 It's always nice for a boy to have a man to pal around with. I certainly am going to enjoy an extra pair of hands around here.
 The Project Life bug for scrapbooking has bitten me good :) I was able to finish Kara's family beach album this week in between cleaning, travel, and watching the Grands.
 Tyler and our middle DD spent hours yesterday looking at his scrapbooks and talking over "old times" It's not always easy being 8 years old with 4 little kids getting so much attention.
We started the week off right with Papaw's corn for Sunday dinner.
I am ready for Summer to be OVER!!!! For the past 3 month's I have been meeting myself coming and going. I feel like a hamster on a wheel, running all day but getting no where. I have high hopes with hubby back in town things will settle down. I NEED a normal routine!!!
I don't even remember what normal is anymore :) One of the many lessons learned over the summer is that I can "Keep calm and carry on" It's so unlike me :) The days of filling a legal pad of To Do's has gone out the window!! I went so far as to purchase a package on note pads last week!! Figure if I an get a few things accomplished on a smaller pad I will at least feel like I am moving forward :)
September should be an interesting month. Hubby has decided to take the month OFF!!!! Holy cow!! Talk about feast to famine, or should it be the other way around. We know the only way we can have the time together as a family we all NEED is for him to go on an extended vacation. Our vacation plans could fill a notebook :) There are so many things we have both had to put off for way to long that need to be done in and out of the house. It's going to be interesting.....
I was able to get my Sister back home this past week. She is settled back in with a house full of food, lots and lots of books, medication for the next 90 days, and the spring back in her step. We still have some big hurdles to cross with her but the baby steps we have made are making a difference for sure.
On for today? Donate our old desktop PC and all the fixins to Goodwill. Repurpose the old PC cabinet into a mini scrapbook center for me. Hubby still has a jumble of wires on one shelf I hope he will be able to make GO AWAY!!! I hate, hate, hate wires that look like a platter of spaghetti!!
Another goal of the week is to try and get back to posting on a regular basis. I have missed bogging, but the time, electronics, life and all that jazz has not been working in my favor :)

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