Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rainy Day Monday

 I tackled the last of the unpacking yesterday morning from our extended vacation. The scrap booking supplies I took along to the Mts. never left my car. After our buddy was hurt the entire trip changed :)
 One of the projects I had taken to work on was a Christmas Album for DD#3. I had set a goal of having Kara's first 4 years scrap booked before the end of the month. What the heck Tater Tot decided to take a nap after all yesterday so I got busy shoving photo's into page protectors
 Today I will try and begin the scrap booking part of their Christmas album, Yaa
 I do believe Tater Tot is more active than his big Sister Kara!!! This boy only sleeps at night. During the day he is all laughs and smiles as long as someone is within his sight. There is heck to pay in screams and real tears if he thinks he is alone. Mommy has created a cute monster :)
Figured since I was serving hubby leftover roast beef disguised as beep stroganoff last night the least I could do was to make a batch of loaf bread. Oh my :)

After a FULL day yesterday you would think I would have fallen into bed and slept like a baby last night, Nope! I tossed and turned until after 3:00AM, finally got up around 1:00AM, went downstairs to read thinking it would help. Nothing doing, for whatever reason my mind just wouldn't settle down. Today will be a very long day :(

Thankfully I don't have any of the little ones today, just me and AJ the Beagle that is until hubby returns home from work. It still feels funny to have the man at home. Seems more like AJ and I have a visitor, he has been gone way toooo long :)

Slowly we will all figure out what our new normal is. I haven't even tried to put together a weekly schedule as we have had so many monkey wrenches thrown our way for so many months it just seems to me to be a waste of time. I have never ever been a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal, guess we are never too old to learn new tricks after all!

I also gave up on a To Do list some time back. Now I have a MUST DO today list and a sure would be nice if I could do wish list :) There is a chance our buddy that is in UT hospital will be released today!!!! Praise the Lord. If so Hubby will be heading to TN after his morning meetings to bring him home. He will still have a long road to recovery but I know he will be soooo happy to be able to walk in his front door to see his extremely large dog.

Time for a shower and start the day in what I am sure will be s.l.o.w. motion :)

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