Monday, September 8, 2014

Is this a Man Thing

 Not once but twice yesterday I walked in to a bathroom with an empty toilet paper roll.
 Hubby has been home a week today. I swear he used a full roll of paper towels in 48 hours. I did a private test on Thursday. I wanted to see how long a roll of paper towels would last with him around. Results 48 hours. I was right :)
 A few more of my pages for this weeks scrapbooking challenge. Hard to believe what a chunky monkey Kara was
 Even at this young age she had that "I am gonna give you a run for your money" twinkle in her eyes :)
 Sweet baby girl
I cheated some yesterday by using some blank layouts from classes, retreats, crops and such I use to teach. That's a double play in my book!! I am getting pages done and using up some oldies but goodies.

Today is the last day of the scrapbook challenge I am in. High hopes of lots of completed layouts. I have set a personal goal of finishing up all of Kara's photo's by the end of September. Karsyn is starting to loose patience with me that I have not gotten an album done for her. There is not time to waste :)

Hubby will be on a Memorial ride for most of today leaving me on my own with AJ the Beagle. Sunday dinner has been postponed until Monday evening. A full day to play!! What I really need to do is to finish some quit tops and quit a quilt that is ready to go. All in good time. I am going to try and focus on one big project at a time for now.

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