Monday, September 8, 2014

End of the Challange

Wheeee, Yesterday was a LONG day!! While Hubby was on a memorial ride (5,000) bike strong) I spent the entire day working on Kara's album. Thirteen total layout's completed. A GF came over in the afternoon to get a hang of the Project Life scrapbooking system, she too is hooked, so much faster, easier, and cheaper :)

One of this weeks goals is to get in the yard. While the company we hire for the summer kept the yard up on a weekly basis the big stuff was put off once the heat of the summer kicked in. We will be having temps in the 70's and low 80's for most of the week, time to get something done!!

Another goal is to try out recipe's for Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts are so easy to grow in the garden but we just don't like them :) I hope to change that this week :)

I have a quilt that must be quilted!! It's been hanging out here and there for weeks. The sewing's one big HOT mess. I turned things upside down when I reorganized and downsized all the scrapbooking supplies. Maybe a nice rainy day at the end of the week...I can only hope.

We will stay SUPER busy this week!! We are not the only family in our circle of friends and family who is trying to fill the days FULL with things to do.

You see this week is Elijah's cancer surgery week. It's a big, scary, life changing surgery. God has blessed Elijah's family with a network of Prayer Warriors from around the country and world for that matter. I am sure some of you are apart of this wonderful prayerful group. We are all frightened for he and his family. We know prayer works, we know God has heard our prayers along with the thousands of others but we also know he has his own plan.....

Will you join us this week as we lift Elijah and his family in prayer? Here is the link to his FB page :)

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