Saturday, September 6, 2014

Challenge continued

 Many of you who having been following this blog over the years might remember some of these photo's :)
 Tater Tot (Blake) is a carbon copy of Kara!! Remove the hair bow and we wouldn't be able to tell the apart.
 I remember these days with the little girls like it was yesterday. Lord they were cute but what a handful!!!

 Kara has about 10 different personalities, here is an example of 5 :)
AJ the Beagle is on the babies like flies on Poop from the day they first come home. We think she knows they will grow into a sure thing where snacks are concerned :)

More layouts after the grands left yesterday. Other than keeping up with them and cooking supper in the evening there was no forward progress on our ever growing To Do list around the house. Fine by me :)

Today will be much of the same other than we are going to DD#1's house this morning so Papaw can help install a screen door. All the little ones together, the fellas with tools trying to get work done...welcome to my world boys :) This should be fun!

Only a few more days left in the scrapbook challenge, it feels good to have photo's of the grands printed where they can see and enjoy then. Well that is once I get them into albums. Karsyn is cheering me on as she knows until I finish Kara's I can't start on hers. The boys...they could care less. It also feels extra nice to have unloaded so many scrapbooking supplies that I would never had used to homes where they are appreciated. I really need to do the same thing with fabric, all in good time :)

Another nice extra this week has been meals. Now that hubby is back home I am cooking full meals each day. Cooking for one sorta stinks. I had gotten into the habit of only cooking 2 or 3 times a week then eating leftovers or whatever was quick the rest of the time. Funny thing yesterday. I ask Kara if she wanted to help me make cookies. Normally the grands are all in, they grab their aprons and are ready to go. Yesterday she told me..
"Not today Nanny, I gots my Papaw to play wif" They love their Papaw!!

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