Friday, September 5, 2014

Running the Roads

 Not much got accomplished yesterday other than running the roads getting Hubby's vehicles taken care of. I at least did get my 2 layout challenges a day done :)
 My favorite by far is this one of Kara and AJ the beagle. I can't imagine life without this crazy sweet little dog
"Tissing" AJ at every opportunity might be part of why she is such a sweetheart, Aww

Oh for the good old days when my car could sit in the driveway for days on end!! I informed hubby last night that this Nanny would be home for the day today! Packing a toddler and infant around town is not my cup of tea. We might get a trip to the park worked in this morning but other than that I need to be HOME.

This summer has be insane!!! I look around each room at unfinished projects and little piles of this or that knowing I have been going a million miles and hour but still can't get it all done. I think the car is the problem. I spend way to much time on the roads and stuck in traffic. It took one and a half hours to pick hubby's truck up yesterday afternoon, it's a 3 mile drive!!!! The truck has one more place to be dropped off today, will it never end?

I long for a schedule....This flying by the seat of my pants is for the birds but for now there is no end in sight.

My goal for the day is to get the fridge and freezers back in order, everything is upside down. Kara and I also need to do some baking for the weekend. I think we can, I think we can.....

Oh ya, and try to get my layouts for the day done :) The new storage/organizational system better work!

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  1. You definitely need a little break from babysitting :) Maybe, it will be easier in September with your hubby at home (wishful thinking for you :)....