Sunday, September 28, 2014


 Our buddy Big Dog is still in the hospital :( Hubby and I stayed until I realized I would be out to seizure meds on Thursday night! Holy cow, I didn't figure on being gone so long. We are still not sure when he will be released as he is having trouble with swelling in his legs as well as the laceration on his leg is not doing well at all. Hubby has to return to work on Monday so we are just playing it by ear. As you might imagine a fella with a smile this big has a whole lot of friends in this world. Together we will all make sure he gets the TLC needed when they finally release him.
 I had stopped riding over a year ago. We have had so many close friends injured or killed on bikes that I just didn't feel comfortable riding any more. I never fussed to hubby that I wanted him to give it up but he knew how I felt and sure as heck didn't push me to hop on. I was worried sick about coming home Thursday as hubby would be riding his bike. Normally I would lead the pack, the bikes would follow but I was so afraid of something happening to him I just couldn't do it. He suggested he ride in front, I could follow....great then I can watch you go down on the bike? Again I didn't fuss, cuss, or go nuts but the tears, I couldn't hold back. So what does this man of mine do? After visiting with our buddy Wednesday morning hubby tells me he has decided to trailer the bike home!!! ,however there wasn't a single trailer to rent so.....we ran all over the state of TN looking for just the right trailer to bring his baby home on, OUCH. This purchase was not in the budget :) We haven't talked much about his bike as I don't want to be the one that says YOU MUST sell it. However I don't think it will be parked in the garage much longer. There is something about seeing a BFF laying in the street not knowing if he will live or die that can change you forever!!
 So we are now home safe and sound with a big old trailer parked in the driveway looking like crap :) After unpacking..UGH. I have been spending time in my happy place. First on the list was to get the pantry back in order then make a grocery list.
 Also restock the freezer with baked goods for deserts when our buddy gets back home. He will need lots of help the first 6 to 8 weeks, food too :)
 And home wouldn't really be home without the grands around :) Kara had a blast harvesting the pears yesterday. This wild child loves everything that has to do with gardening
We got a dozen pears from the tree that survived the summer, the squirrels...of course enjoyed much more than we did as always. Ha

I am working HARD to get out on this funk!!! For me the best place to start is with my bible and the kitchen :) In the midst of all the craziness hubby and I had heard of the shooting in B'ham AL at the UPS office. When I logged on FB that night I saw that one of the men killed was a good friend of one of our dear friends :( So heartbreaking. I think it was the next day, or maybe the same day, can't remember that again on FB our step Niece posted to pray for her friend who had been beheaded in Moore OK. Is it just me or has the world gone CRAZY!!!!!!

Yesterday afternoon I took a nap...Hubby was going to fire up the grill, I was going to cook up a few veggies Kara found in what once was our failed garden. My nap turned out to be 4 1/2 hours!!!! When I woke up it was dark outside, told myself for once do not get up before the sun is up. As I drifted back off to sleep I realized Holy Cow it's not morning it's night!!! My ever easy going hubby had peanut butter and toast for supper, I had a bottle of water. Sleep was very much needed!

Today is a new day, baking, yard work, Pewee football, keeping up with Kara the wild child and a real dinner on the table tonight. What the heck maybe even a real lunch :)


  1. I thought for sure that was Dog's bike on the trailer. He must have been badly sorry. I know I miss reading about your organized days. Lets hope they are on the way, especially now that hubby is home.