Friday, October 17, 2014

A Finish Finally!!

 AJ the Beagle and I got the binding on last night after dinner. No matter how hot it is on any given day AJ thinks each and every quilt is hers :) This quilt will be going to Project Linus for a Teen or Tween girl. Between the quilts I have ready and others some ladies in the area have dropped off we have a nice size donation to make this month. Now to find the time to fight the traffic to get them delivered :)
I have been trying to decide on a quilt to gift to a special lady in our family before the cold weather sets in. I have a whole lot of these kits I picked up for next to nothing, I think one just like this might be perfect for her :)

I feels so GOOD to have a little of the backed up sewing off the sewing counter! I haven't made a dent in what all I need to get too but some done is better than none done don't you think?

 It's been a quite morning so far. Blake is sound asleep, Kara is playing nicely with the train set and hubby is off on errands. I think hubby being out of the house is key to the quite morning. He gets the kiddo's so wound up its crazy!!!! Every kiddo should have a playful Papaw :)

Once Papaw returns to get the tubs down Kara and I will spend the rest of the day getting our Halloween decorations up. I really would like to skip it this year and just go with fall decorations's a Nanny thing, can't say no where these little guys are concerned :)


  1. Debby- That is a beautiful quilt. Just gorgeous. Have fun with the bins and decorating. xo Diana

  2. Love this quilt. So warm and snuggly looking.

    Have fun with the grands!! Janie