Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Deed is Done

My morning started with this
Once I got myself organized things started moving along at a good clip
16 pints of Salsa done with a little extra for hubby to snack on
The good part of putting up this many tomato's is they are done in a day. The bad part was the boxes were full of fruit flies, ewwww. To keep the nasty buggers out of the house I spread the maters out on tables in the garage. I can't begin to tell you how happy I was to have this table cleared off :)
 Men are so funny. When hubby got home from work he offered to lend me a hand, heck yes!! Could you wash up the dishes while the last batch of tomatoes are doing their thing? A few minutes later he yells into the family room where I was sitting for the first time in 10 hours. "Hey this stuff won't fit in the dishwasher". You have got to be kidding. I even went so far as to have the sink of water all ready for him. I love my husband, really I do, I would never really do anything to harm him, I am not a violent person. But at that moment I wanted to throw the canner at him!!
75 pounds of tomato's = 16 pints of Salsa and 20 quarts of tomato's. Total cost $45.00
Was all the work worth the trouble?
20 (32) ounce cans of grocery tomato's - $49.80
16 (16) ounce jars of store bought Salsa - $53.64
Total Cost - $103.44
My cost $45.00 that's a savings of $58.44
Not a bad deal but for me the real savings is that I know where this food came from, a local farmer has a little more money in his pocket,  we won't be eating preservatives, and I think they look pretty :)


  1. I can almost smell that sweet, spicy scent from here. It smells like home to me. Good job--and yes-the best part is you know where they came from. xo Diana

  2. Always better done this way. I haven't done any canning in the past couple of years. Next year I will be back at it as I finally have a garden built. Enjoy!