Monday, October 13, 2014

Birthday Fun

 I took a day off for my Birthday this year :) One of the many things on my wish list was to start working on Karsyn's scrapbook. Sorting Karsyn's photo's and getting them in containers took up most of the day.
 DD#1 had the whole family over for my Birthday dinner Thursday night, yummm. The little kiddo's reminded me we needed plates, hats, and cupcakes. Crowns for the girls. pirate hats for the boys.
 Poor of the toddlers placed a hat on Tater Tot when we weren't looking :)
 My BIG Birthday gift was a trip out of town for a scrapbooking crop!! YAAA How do you like my fancy cropping luggage? I have so many cute scrapbooking travel bags but....One they are in the attic and Two I end up packing WAY more than I can ever use. My new packing boundaries are that if it won't fit in a laundry basket it ain't going in the car :)
What a fun day filled with so many laughs my sides hurt. Lots and lots Karsyn's photo's loaded in pages and a countdown to Christmas mini album for DD#1 family completed.

You know you had a good time on vacation when you need to get home so you can rest!! I haven't been to a crop in years and years. Crops are a whole lot of work. Controlling yourself when packing so you don't take so much, packing the car, unloading the car, repacking after the crop,  then loading the car for the return trip home and of course unpacking once your back. I hit the sofa yesterday afternoon never to rise again until bedtime :)

I was a nervous wreck leaving town Friday afternoon knowing hubby was going to have to take over DD#3's kiddo's while I was gone. He had them for almost 2 hours Friday afternoon which I knew wouldn't be too bad. Saturday he got lucky since SIL#2 didn't have to work. Instead he took Tyler to a corn maze for the day and lunch of course. Sunday he requested Kara as his play date.

I think he should be up for Papaw of the year award. He took Kara out for breakfast, over to the park to play, grocery store to purchase fruit (and snacks of course), then home to play games and puzzles since it began to rain. Not too many fella's would consider that a fun filled day!!! He is some kinda special :)

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