Thursday, October 9, 2014

Knocking Out Task's

 I forgot to take a before shot of our messy condiments door, also the waste :( It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I still had to pitch a few things. Task one is complete!
 Next spot for the day was our desk. I hadn't done any filing for month's and month's. After that was complete I moved on to the little drawer in the desk.
 I can't blame anyone but myself for that mess :) When I needed a card of some sort I would turn everything upside down as I am always in too big a hurry. All the cards are sorted now by events/theme's. Sympathy, Birthday, Thinking of you, and Thank you notes, held together with binder clips. I love binder clips :)
 They are all organized neatly in this tiny little drawer for now :)
 I remembered once I started filing as to why I didn't want to keep up with files. The filing drawer is OVERLOADED!!!! That clean up will have to wait for another day.
 I have no idea what I did wrong that this photo showed up twice :) No time to start the post over as my day is already full to overflowing.
 After my sorting of piles morning it was time to hit the grocery for some stocking up. We love to throw these little pork loins on the grill for a quick easy meal but at $10.99@ they are not cheap enough to suit me. We were down to one in the freezer. I added 10 more yesterday!
 Regular price for the loins is $10.99 sale price $5.00 each!!! That's a savings of $69.90!! This is how we stock the freezer :)
Another stock up item was a couple of spices. I keep my stock up list in the car right now as I never know when I might need to make a quick stop at the store. I found 2 spices we were running low on at $1.60 off each. DD#3 had called while I was out and about yesterday complaining that formula had jumped in price from $24.99 a tub to $29.99!! That was in just 2 weeks. Holy cow!! I wasn't far from the store I had just been at so I turned around to check their prices. Sure enough they too had jumped up in price, however they had a $5.00 off sale going on so I picked up 2 for her. Today I will run back for 3 more as I have coupons for and additional $5.00 off.

It seems prices on all grocery's are just creeping up every week but some sky rocket! Formula is an example. Formula has been on my grocery list for many years, just as one grand comes off from it another goes on. I'm not complaining by any means, I wouldn't mind a dozen more grands :) The price of a tub of formula for Mason Man just 2 years ago was $19.99. In just 2 years it's gone up $10.00 stinkin dollars!!! what the heck is that all about?

Off to tackle another pile of should have done a long time ago task's for the day followed by Birthday dinner for ME tonight at DD#1's home. The grands insist we all have party hats, Dollar store here I come!


  1. Happy Birthday, have a great one!!

    Enjoy your dinner, Janie

  2. Is this your Birthday?? Happy Birthday then! And nice job on organizing. Do you want to come and do my house now? :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your birthday dinner and party hats!