Monday, October 6, 2014

Restocking With Sales this Fall Morning

 Our weekend was filled with this sorta thing. I rarely have to call the Grands down for misbehaving, Hubby is a different story!! The Good Guy against the Bad Guys gets pretty loud!
 This beautiful fall morning was errand day. What a difference running around town with temperatures in the 60's is compared to the 80's or 90's. Fall, Winter, and Spring are by far my favorite seasons, Summer, UGH.

One stop was to pick up organic seeds before the shelves were cleared out. I keep forgetting things right and left this year :) My forgetfulness paid off as seeds were marked down! Next spring Hubby and I want to give growing from organic seeds and seed saving a try in the garden. This will be a first for us, knowing that we need to plant early and that the stores don't put out seeds until early spring I wanted to be ready to start our seeds inside this year. A cute green house would be nice....that is if the budget can stand a large expense come spring time.
With master stock up list in hand I stopped by the grocery on the way home. This week was a very light on needs week, milk and eggs were all that was on my list. Total spent $98.89. Total saved $57.58. I had very few coupons today but the majority of what I purchased never have coupons anyway. I had sticker shock on a few things. Peanut butter!!!! Holy cow!! I haven't purchased peanut butter in awhile, we use a lot of peanut butter in baking over the fall and winter. When the heck did the price make such a jump 28 ounces of PB was $5.59, the store was running a $1.62 off sale, but still it seemed really high to me even after the sale price. The other sticker shocked was shortening $6.19 for 3 pounds, really? The sale price was $1.70 off each, man oh man. Sometimes buying grocery's is like purchasing a car after 10 years or more, makes my heart skip a beat :)

 Spaghetti sauce was buy 2 get 3 free at $1.20 each it's a good deal I can't make it at home for that price :)

I made a pretty good dent on my stock up list today. The majority left on the list is for baking/spices needs. With the holiday's right around the corner I should do pretty well getting the price right (I hope)

Why all the can goods you might wonder? Cans of veggies and beans make a quick way to put together a meal at the last minute. Most of our veggies are dehydrated, they work great in soups, stews and such but for everyday side dish use they take time to prepare. Ditto on beans :) I LOVE my pressure cooker for beans but even as fast as that is to cook up a mess of beans, sometimes I need to just open a can and got with it :)

I did something different when I made up my master stock up list this time. I listed our food waste at the top of the list. As I have mentioned before my memory seems to be shot right now :) I think it might be because we have had so much on our plate the past few months. Who knows :) I do know that I have fallen behind in SOOO many area's the only way to get back on top for me at least it to revert to list and note making.

This weeks goals are to continue taking stock. One or more of the Grands have been with us each day since last Thursday. It's not easy to work around the toddlers :) I have two toddler free days this week. I need to make the most of it.

OK just have to share this cute story about Karsyn. DD#1 and her hubby were out of town this past weekend. DD#2 who is unmarried with no children took DD#1's kiddo's on for the weekend. Our girls all wear contacts 99% of the time, it is rare to see them in glasses, ditto for me except reading glasses are a must theses days. Sewing, reading, cooking, and baking gotta have my readers.

DD#2 was wearing glasses for a change Saturday morning while helping Karsyn dress for the day. Karsyn looked at her and said "Aunt Ammie you look like a Hooker, with your glasses on" WHAT!!!!!! DD#2 ask her to repeat herself, once again she used the work Hooker!!! OMG Later in the day Karsyn ask Aunt Ammie why she didn't have her apron on? I don't wear aprons Karsyn, why do I need and apron on? You can't be a good Hooker like Nanny if you don't have an apron on :) I think we all need to work on toddler speech, confusing H's and C's makes a WORLD of difference!! Ha

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  1. The grocery price I am in shock about is butter! It is over $3 a pound now and just a year or so ago I could buy it for $1.49.
    Good job stocking up, I am trying to keep my house stocked too, in case of Ebola or just the flu or maybe water contamination like we've seen twice in 2014.