Thursday, October 16, 2014

Soup, Saving, and Sewing

 We are having some nice fallish sort of weather this week, perfect for a pot of bean soup. I get giddy when pulling together the ingredients from our dehydrated foods :) Quick, easy, and cheap!
 Forgot about the bay leaves our sweet neighbor shares with us each year. Again I dehydrate them.
 On the grocery list this week was eggs. After checking the weekly ad I decided to stock up on canned tomatoes that were on sale, also had one coupon for a pound of butter, and eggs were BOGO. Total spent $36.44, total saved $13.95. Since our garden was a tea total bust this year I need to jump on canned tomato sales when I can
 While the soup was doing its thing I got busy on one of DD#1's pile of sewing. Her patio throw pillows were looking a bit shabby. One down 3 more to go
 Next up were DD#3's  living, dinning room window treatments. DONE!
Today the plan is to knock out some of my own piled up sewing projects. This quilt has been waiting in the wings since August, sigh The wait is over!! The game plan is to have the quilting done by supper time. After supper I hope to spend the evening working on the binding. Hope to hang her n the clothes line tomorrow morning :)

While I am resting my arms and shoulders from the FMQ figured I would get a quick post off. The crock pot is doing it's thing, the house is as clean as it needs to be (IMO), laundry done, grocery's for the week are in. Its sewing day!! The pile of sewing stuff is so huge it makes me crazy t even go in the room but like eating a watermelon I will get to it one bite at a time :) Is anyone else chasing their tail trying t get on top of things before the holiday's start up?

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