Tuesday, October 28, 2014


75 pounds of Maters, also known as Tomato's
Last week while hubby and I were on the Pre School field trip we wandered around their market with the toddlers. So many yummy veggies to pick from but we passed them all up knowing they wouldn't do well locked in the car most of the day.
The one thing that caught both of our eye's were cases of tomato's being brought in from the fields. Be still my heart, 25 pound boxes were $15.00!!!! I so wanted to load a few boxes up but with all the activities we had planned for the week I knew they would just sit in those boxes going bad. Yesterday after my Dr. appointment I thought a nice drive in the country would be just the ticket to get me in a better mood. Don't you know the car headed in the direction of Patterson's farm :)
Today will be Mater day Tuesday. Hubby helped me sort the tomatoes after work yesterday to pull the ones who have a few spots out to be worked up first. I also didn't want them piled up on each other for fear they would go bad before I could get to all of them. Goal for today....get as many canned as possible.
It's hard to believe but today will be the first day this year that the canner will be put to work. It's just been that sorta year, sigh

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