Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stamp Organizing

 I have been going nuts working on the little girls albums when looking for stamps to use on pages and PL cards. I have had to look at tons of sets to find what I was looking for. Another part of the problem is I have maybe a few too many stamp sets :) I spent most of the day yesterday scanning in and printing image's of all of my stamp sets.
 Once each set was scanned in I sorted them into categories that made sense to me. This set is listed under miscellaneous. Each set was assigned a number, example MS 5 for this set. I put a label on the stamp set with the number also listed on the scanned photo, along with the manufacturer and name of the stamp set.
 Many of the stamp sets can be used in more than one category. This set is in the miscellaneous category but it also has stamps that would work for friends and greeting cards so... I made multiple copies of the scanned set, inserted them in page protectors of that category in my master binder with the place the stamp is stored listed on the top.
 For now the stamp sets are stored in these small CTMH containers as well as drawers in my scrapbooking organizing unit. I have placed an order for the large CTMH storage containers so all of the stamps can be stored together in one place
 Now when I want to find a stamp I just have to look through my stamp binder them pull the stamp I want to use.
I don't have much time to work on the Grands scrapbooks. I sure as heck don't have the time to dig around in my stash looking for what I need.

After my girls scrapbook weekend I realized I had a stamp set problem :) Pulling stamps to use for holidays and special events was no big deal but everyday sediments, flowers, birds, butterflies, and such was a  frustrating experience :) Now that I am working more with the PL system I am finding that the cards are not always printed in the orientation I need, ditto with the embellishments that work best with the small cards. I don't need to be wasting money on yet more supplies!!!! Between stamp sets, the Cricut, and what I have on hand I am going to make it work :)

In order to squeeze in time to work on the little kiddo's albums I need to be able to grab and go to complete a page. It feels pretty good to have three major area's where scrapbooking is concerned cleaned up. Photo's, paper, and  now stamps. Next up is stickers, rub-on's, and  other embellishments.

Tomorrow HAS to be a sewing day, DD#1 and DD#3 both have a pile of needs waiting for me to complete. I am ready to get those piles out of the house.

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