Saturday, October 18, 2014

Simple Saturday

 Love this!! I was trying to get a photo with DD#3's kiddo's and Papaw. Do you think I could get anyone to look at the camera? NO But when I sorted today's shots I found this one. How sweet is this. Everyone kissing Tater Tot, aww
 Kara got me going on Halloween decorations today. She had a blast decorating the house :)
Tater Tot blends in with Papaw's quilt today :) Kara has a fit if I put Nanny's quilt on the floor, it's only for girls. The boys have to use Papaw's quilt. Blake's favorite spot to hang out now days is with his big sister, he LOVES his Kara and she LOVES him right back!
 We kept the wild child busy today!!! She pulled the last of the carrots for me.
 Then scrubbed those babies like there was no tomorrow
We will be all set in the carrot department this winter once I get her haul in the dehydrator :)

It's been a very, very long day today. Keeping up with these little guys was all I could do :) Carry out for supper tonight even though I had a pork loin in the crock pot I couldn't find the energy to make any sides. I did get a bit of energy after resting on the sofa watching our favorite team "Roll Tide" Made some home made ice cream to share with our recovering Harley buddy. That's it, nothing more :)

Early to bed for me tonight. I have been fighting this cold for a solid month now, every day I think this is it thing I know I feel like I am going to pass out if I don't set down. Sure hope this will be my "Cold of the year" Monday morning I will be making a call to our DR, this has gone on way to long!!!

One of the only things I don't like about having this heard of Grands is that they bring every germ in the world to our doorstep :)

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