Friday, January 2, 2015

Fun Frugal Hand Made Gift

 Our girls ran into hand made jewelry framed hangers while shopping at the Southern Christmas show this past fall. The prices ranged from $50.00 to $125.00 OUCH!! Heck I knew I could make them for MUCH less than that, if I could find the time :) I already had a few empty frames in the attic so I was on my way.

Nothing like waiting until the last minute :) I finally found the time on Christmas Eve.
Hubby had some scrap wood in the garage to use as a backing for the frames. Batting, Ya, I have lots and lots of scraps!!! With glue gun in hand it didn't take long to cover the front of the wood
 Ditto for the front fabric, glue gun and scraps worked like a charm.
 For just under $12.00 I purchased 7 drawer pulls from a big box home improvement store.
Here is where hubby came in but I could have done it myself :) DON"T use an electric screw driver to make holes to insert the door pulls, I speak from experience. The screw driver will grab the fabric and make a mess. Hubby used a hammer and large nail
The screws for the drawer pulls are too long you will need to purchase shorter screws or just use whatever tool this is to cut them the length you want. This is where I did need hubby as I don't have the hand strength to make the cut. These are his arms in the photo's BTW, my arms are not this hairy!!!
Ta Da   As you can see lots and lots of necklaces will fit on the frame holder. No more tangled messes. I hung mine on the back of our bedroom door so it would be out of the way of little hands :)

I just happened to have some frames in the attic but for those of you that are thrift store shoppers I bet you could find some real deals on frames, ditto on the hardware. I have a friend who opened a temporary shop at our local antique/flea market this past fall selling all sizes and shapes of these jewelry frames using door knobs, furniture hardware, drawer pulls, you name it, that she collected from estate and garage sales. BTW she made a killing in her little sop over the 3 months leading up to Christmas :)

Our big girls just love these to death, it's a fun cute way to do some organizing over the winter. Wouldn't they make great frugal Birthday gifts as well?

Being that it's already January the 2nd I will share one of my goals for 2015, it's a biggy!!! Get all of the Christmas, holiday, football food, OUT of the house!!!!!! Hubby had the nerve to bring the leftovers home from last nights "Boys in Football Games"  Grrrr. Double Grrr that our Bama team lost but it was a heck of a game :)

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  1. They are very cute. I did something similar but found that any jewelery that had silver on it tarnished horribly. Jewelry boxes are lined with fabric to prevent that. I am now tired of having to clean stuff with silver Polish before I wear it but I love the fact than necklaces don't tangle when hung up.