Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Are You His Mommy?

 So...remember that unexpected  right turn into the bookstore parking lot I told you about? Here is one of the "I had no idea I NEEDED books" that jumped into my arms. It's a beautifully illustrated book with tons of photo's of cozy Tiny homes. Lots and lots of photo's!!! My hubby is not much of a reader...that might be a good thing as I have such a love of books, we really can't afford two readers in one home. However hubby does love him some picture books :) He is all over the Dr. office looking for the latest copy of "Highlight's" I have hopes that this picture book will help him visualize the adventure he thinks we need at retirement. I think it's a good investment for our marriage.
 The next book to jump in my hands was this little jewel. While on this retirement "dream" he has for us I am the one who is always calculating numbers in my head.  I like water, I drink lots and lots of water, how much does a well to pump water cost? When you drink a lot of water you need to go potty. I don't mind popping a squat in the woods every now and them but not on an every day basis, certainly not at night!! We live in the South, have you ever heard the old saying "A skeeter will bite your buns"? Ya, it can happen. What about a road to get to this secluded hide away in the woods. I nor hubby have ever been hikers. Who pray tell is going to backpack that 6 pack of beer you will want to sip while enjoying all that Mother Nature has afforded us? Not me!!!! I will be too busy looking for a safe place to potty. I have high hopes this book will wake the dream boy up a little.
 While hubby is driving me NUTS in his search for the perfect place to park our old butts in retirement for a little getaway every now and then I am in search of ways to save our Livers :) Ain't nobody got time for land hunting when they are learning a safe way to get toxins out of our bodies.
I get down right giddy when I pull these oils from their tube :) I need to do a whole heck of a lot of research on using oils in a healthy way. I have no time to be wondering around in the woods looking for the promised land. I need to add tick and chigger bites to my list of research. Until hubby finds his oasis in the woods I have a feeling we are going to be munched on by many yucky things :(

Why the books for my man's retirement idea you might ask? So maybe, just maybe I won't have to be his Mommy!! Too many times during the almost 40 years of our marriage I fall into the Mommy of hubby roll, it makes me nuts.

My man makes the money. I make sure to hang on to that hard earned money the best I know how for as long as I can. I feel like I land in the Mommy roll when I constantly remind him of all the extra costs involved in some of his wants, needs, and got to haves. I HATE that!!


  1. I'll never be in that small a house but I can appreciate the need to down size.

    So the oils you are using are actually the essential oils and then you are making the mixes yourself (lavender, ect)? I'm researching natural cures for arthritis, so...