Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Thank Goodness for Health Insurance!!

 Honey it's HOT outside!!!! I wasn't in the mood to hang out in the sun at our local farm picking up veggies today. An air conditioned grocery store was a better option for me :) We do have a few things to pick from the garden right now, Swiss Chard, Cucumbers, and Squash. Our lettuce kicked the bucket this week in this excessive heat.
 Another stop on my errand list today was to pick up this mess :( After months of Dr. visits, tests, going above and beyond with a healthy diet my blood sugar levels are all out of whack, grrr  Our family Dr suggested until I get use to poking myself it might be easier for hubby to do the deed. After almost 40 years or marriage hubby now has the green light to draw blood!! I hope he doesn't enjoy it too much :)
 All this running around testing, and feeling like dodo has put me so far behind on things I MUST get done. This quilt being one of the many must do's. This afternoon I will be sitting at my fancy machine.
With the bad there is always good!!!! OK, maybe good is and overstatement now that this bugger can get up the steps quicker than lightning. Unless I have back up he is now gated in the kitchen and playroom with me. While he can't talk yet believe you me he lets me know in no uncertain terms he is not happy with that gate.

We really and truly love our family Dr. as well as the specialist I have been seeing for the past 15 years. We are all on the same page when it comes to prescription or OTC drugs. Throwing a pill at whatever is going on health wise is a last resort. During the process over the past few month's I have worked closely with them to incorporate essential oils into my health and wellness plan. So far so good!!!! I would NEVER suggest anyone jumping on the essential oil band wagon without a Dr.'s OK While the majority of essential oils are safe for most people they are powerful, Enough said :)

Nothing like adding a crazy bunch of medical equipment to my daily schedule but........If it can help the Dr.s find a good solution for all these nutty things going on in my body I am all in (Crap)

As it stands right now everything seems to be pointing to the brain disorder I have. Hooking up to machines, keeping a log of those results along with every single thing that passes my lips for the next 30 days might be of some help. Along with all of that they have done a DNA test that might give them a clue as to what will help keep me Rockin and Rollin.

One of the many nice things about having our Papaw around the house is he is pretty good at recognizing odd little things that I don't give a second thought too. One example is lights. I didn't realize I had gotten back into the habit of not using lights until or unless it is really dark. Noise...Lord it drives me nuts, once again that is an important clue on this road to health.

I am soooo thankful for so many things each and every day. Today big on my thankful list is our Health coverage.

Time to belly up to that sewing machine


  1. Sorry that your brain is going wacky...It looks just fine to me as you carry on..

  2. Oh Debby, sorry you are not feeling great. Hopefully you can get it corrected and start feeling better soon! Sending {{hugs}}!!!

  3. Awesome, can I say more? please keep the good work and update this blog often.

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  4. I'm glad that you are happy with your health insurance, Debby. It sure comes with great health benefits, and really covers a lot of your medical needs. Thanks for sharing this, and I hope that you're feeling great right now! Take care! :)

    Lachelle Muse @ Ernstam

  5. Hope you got some more blog post about insurance and its benefits. especially for life and accident insurance, many people have no ideas about its importance.

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