Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Closet Clean Out

 My closet seems to be the dumping ground for so many things. Maybe because it is located in our bathroom it gets a lot of abuse. I also use my closet to store OTC meds, health and wellness stuff, first aid, and a some cleaning supplies. I must admit many times I tend to be the dumper.  Sometimes when I bring things home that should be put away in the containers way up on the high shelves I do the dump thinking I will get to it later, too busy right now :) My closet is a walk in but its a tiny walk in. Way back when it was the latest and greatest. Now days the builders are making closets as big as my kitchen!! No thanks, I know me!! I would fill that sucker to the brim in no time flat.

The only way for me to truly do a clean out is to drag everything out in the open. This pile on the bed is from one side of the closet.
 After giving this side a good vacuuming and mopping everything worth keeping is back in place. Tops and Capri's are together on the top and bottom. Short dresses then long dresses in the back. I wear dresses most of the time in the summer.  I have a LOT of them. I was too lazy to try on the dresses. I know they all fit but some are not as flattering as others. I plan on making a point of ditching the ones I don't like as the summer moves along. I think it's a good plan....seeing as how I skipped a shower, therefor no boobie holder was worn, I knew things just wouldn't hang right if you know what I mean :)
 The back side of the closet is where my Nanny wear is housed along with winter shirts and sweaters. I HATE winter clothes!!!!!! Winter finds me in jeans and tee shirts for the most part. If I need to go out "dressed" a summer tank top with a sweater works for me. I think it's and age thing, I often get HOT!!!!
 After a good clean on this side my comfy winter/Nanny clothes are back in place.
 On to the middle shelf that gets the most abuse. It's all nice and clean. All the stuff that was dumped is covering the bathroom counters. That's a job for the evening when hubby is home to drag down the tubs I store things in :)
 I hate tight bands around my wrists!!!!! For years I thought I was just an odd ball. Now I know it's part of a sensory disorder. I didn't have many in the closet to begin with but now they are all gone. Who needs stuff that makes them crazy?
 This pile of things has been folded and bagged to donate at a later date as I am trying to stay at home for as many days as I can get away with!!!
 One of the many things that was junking up my closet was toiletries hubby collects for me when he travels. I should sort them when he returns home but I don't :) In my defence we are usually so busy trying to catch up on two man jobs, getting in much needed little and big kiddo time for him, and getting him settled back in that there is no extra time to spare. I sorted out some bar soap for our own use, then put it in the tub that it should have already been in.
The rest is sorted into gallon bags for charity. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, and lotion. Next time I leave the house I will deliver all of this to Serenity House. Serenity House is a Hospice type facility but run by all volunteers in a private home.

On for today...The dreaded sewing/scrapbook room. UGH!! It feels like a hopeless never ending chore cleaning up in there. Why oh why am I so messy?

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  1. What a smart, systematic way of dealing with your clothes and closets. That is right; you take the clothes and stuff out and clean the closet or the room very thoroughly, before you put your comics and your books back in. You wouldn't want dirt and microbes to seep right through the corners and the cracks. Good day!

    German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equip