Thursday, June 4, 2015

Creative Decluttering

I haven't posted a grocery trip for a long time. When I ran out yesterday to deliver goodies for Goodwill and Serenity house I hit the farmer down the street to pick up a few things. We are over run with lettuce from the garden right now but nothing on tomatoes and cucumbers. Couldn't pass up on the corn, Kale, and watermelon. All this home grown goodness for $4.50!!
As I was finishing up in my closet I figured I would do a clean sweep around the bathroom. I had these mostly empty lotion and potion bottles around our tub. Glass containers for our oil mixes are a bit costly, why no use what I have on hand that are doing nothing more than collecting dust....well they also looked pretty cute too :)
 After lots of soaking and scrubbing I now have a nice supply of bottles for mixing essential oil recipe's
 Today's big project was to clean up the sewing/scraproom. To keep me company I enjoyed some essential oil U Tube video's. Time flew by, in just over an hour I had things back in shape. One of the many interesting things that peaked my interest while enjoying the video's was Bed Bug spray.

As you know hubby does lots and lots of travel, he never gives it a second thought of what might be lurking in that bed. Me......Lord it creeps me out. I always have a big old can of Raid in my suitcase. The headboard and under the bed gets a good spray before I can lay my head down!!!! I know commercial bug spray is not good for us but finding a bug in the bed would give me a  heart attack, I was willing to take my chances :)

NO MORE!!! So excited to have some home made non toxic bed bug spray for our next road trip!!! It's super easy.

1/2 cup distilled water
6 drops of Thieves essential oil

All we have to do now is shake the bottle and spray, LOVE that!!!
One of the big problems in the sewing/scraproom is there are just too many projects piled up waiting in the wings. In and effort to declutter AKA have some fun, I pulled out a See and Say quilt kit I bought way back when. My plan was to make it for the grands to have at our house. I still need to add a border around it but that will have to be another day as dinner needed to get on the table.

It feels like a hundred pounds has been lifted off my shoulders now that my closet and craft room are back in order!! One of the next pressing clean ups is my PC, UGH!!!

I need to get the junk e-mails to stop, what a pain. I also have way too many web sites I have saved for just a tiny bit of info, recipes, tips, and tricks. That one will take the longest I'm sure!!! I have a legal pad sitting beside me to jot down info I want to hang on to, once I get the info documented I can hit the delete button. My goal is to clean out 10 each day.

Of course that will lead to another issue of what to do with all those info notes :) I am feeling another planner or two will be on my shopping list soon.

On the To Do for today

Clear out 10 PC sites/files
Sandwich/pin a quilt
Make up a lotion/potion for my elbow/wrist issues

As I drove by our local bookstore this morning my car took an unexpected right turn right into the parking lot!! Don't you hate it when your car does things like that? Silly car seems to have a mind of its own. Figured the only thing to do was wonder around inside since I was already there. I mean really who needs to waste gas right? I had nothing in particular I was looking for but....Low and behold I ran into two books that I had no idea I really and truly needed :) More on that in tomorrow's post.

Well don't you know I found an additional book that just might be helpful in our essential oils journey to rid ourselves and home of more toxic junk. Who knew a right turn into a parking lot would be such a great and badly needed adventure.

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