Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Garden Goodness

 Hubby has done such a great job on the garden this year with very LITTLE help from me!! We had a heck of a wet early spring that put everything behind almost a full month but it's rockin and rolling now
 We have an abundance of lettuce this year. More than enough to share with just about everyone we know
 I decided to throw a drop of lemon essential oil into the final rinse in the sink yesterday. Word has it that by washing fruit and veggies with just a drop of lemon oil will kill all the nasty stuff that might be sprayed on it. Now.....as far as I know there has been no nasty stuff sprayed or dusted on our veggies but better safe than sorry. I gave up on threatening hubby with his life over spraying and dusting chemicals on the garden and yard. This year I went with the 401K threat.

Whats that you ask? If I catch him adding any poison to our food he will be giving up 1/2 of his 401K when I walk out the door. I guess there are some things worse than being killed over, the 401k he has worked all his life for being one of them :)
 This is the first year we have given Swiss Chard a try. I have no idea if we are going to like it or not but it sure looks pretty in the garden. It too got a lemon oil rinse :)
As I was dusting yesterday I found this hanging on one of the hall table knobs. It's hard to see how old and nasty it is. One sure sign that one or more of the grands have been around is to find odd things in odd places. Hubby nor I have ever used these things in our cars, but it reminded of something I had seen not to long ago that I wanted to try.
 Will call it the red neck car freshener. Young Living makes a really nice car diffuser but with my sensory issues it could very well be a waste of money in my case. I put 3 drops of purification on this clothes pin to maybe keep my car smelling clean and fresh. You could use any oil of course but knowing my brain she couldn't handle much more than this
Now for the technical  part. Clip the oil infused clothes pin in the cars air conditioner vent :)
I have no idea if this will work as I am doing my best to stay off the streets for as long as I can!!!
Today's number one goal is to stay home!!!! Whatever errands, honey do's, Mom can you help can wait for at least a day I hope. The kiss of death for getting anything done around the house is getting in that stinkin car.
Two areas than need some major TLC this week are my closet along with the sewing/scrapbook room. They are both a HOT mess. I think the closet will get to go first as it should be the easiest of the two, I hope :)
Another must do is to sandwich and quilt 2 additional quilts. I have until the end of the month to finish up but there always seems to be unexpected things pop up that throw my schedule into a tail spin.
I am giving myself a pat on the back this week for a few things. First off is I can't remember the last time I stepped foot in a fabric store to shop!!! I did have to pick up some quilting thread a few weeks back but that is it!!!! You would think the budget would be nice an fat due to my fabric spending freeze, no such luck as essential oils have taken a chunk of change here lately.
Second pat on the back is having a few quilt tops stored away. The thought of trying to make 3 quilts this month from beginning to end would be a HUGE task!!! I think I might even have backing for the last two in my stash bought on super sale of course :)
It's not often I am ahead of the game especially this time of the year so I am going to bask in the glory of having half of the battle done!!
Now on to the dreaded closet clean out.


  1. Your garden looks lovely! Thanks for the tip on the lemon oil. I'm going to give it a try. My niece used to sell Young Living but does not anymore. I'll have to coax her into doing it again. The swiss chard is yummy sautéed till wilted with some olive oil and garlic!

  2. I agree that's a good looking garden there.