Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy Mail

 Soooo excited to have this box dropped off on the front porch today
 Lots of goodies for whipping up lotions and potions
 One of the things that has been making me a bit nuts is digging around on my oil cart looking for the right oil I want to use to mix up something special. I have to pick up each one to see the label, of course the one I want seems to always be the last one I touch.
 One of the many things included in the box are these oil labels for the tops of the bottles. Love this!! No more digging around looking for the right oil.
 While I can get glass bottles with assorted tops at our local health food store they are pricey!!!! As in over $5.00 each. The cost for these? $1.10 each, that is savings  well worth the cost of shipping
 Our grands love their nite nite oils blends, the Mommy and Daddy's are pretty happy too :) I couldn't pass up these purple/pink for the girls and green roller balls for the boys
 These little roller balls also cost over $5.00 each at one of our local stores, cost on line? $.75 cents each
 I'm not sure if these little bottles will do the job or not. I had thought home made hand sanitizer for our purses but now that I have them in my hot little hands they seem way too tiny.
 The most exciting of all is this cute little bag that holds up to 10 oils/blends. Perfect for throwing in my bag to take along at ball games, parks, or picnics with the family.
The bag is nice and durable and even more importantly I can throw it in the wash when it gets dirty!!

If you haven't guessed by now I have the oil bug bad :) As I have been mixing up our lotions and potions I realized they are not so easy to tote around. This little bag might be just the ticket. I can have some of our favorite little first aid oils or blends with me wherever we might go.

I have been shocked at hubby's reaction with this new adventure in the oily world, he is ALL in :) What won him over? A good nights sleep using that handy dandy room diffuser. He is loving opening our kitchen cabinet that holds our  first aid items and pulling out something home made. It's a bit hard to hold back on my buying when I have the man sitting in his recliner saying "Buy some more"!! Ha

I have a nice size list of oils I would like to try but until I run them by my Dr. they are a no go. I am so sensitive to foods, smells, OTC drugs and such that there is just NO WAY I will take a chance on the health successes I have worked so hard to achieve over the past 14 years!!!!!

There is a part of me that wants to share some of the blends I have mixed up for our family but.....I am afraid someone would try something out that could make them sick :( Really and truly I think essential oils have a place in our home but it takes a TON of research, in my case also working with my Dr. before I try anything new.

Today is the last day of the school year!!! The grands and our DD's are excited to have the next two months off. I am wondering how I will stick to any sort of schedule or To Do lists with the sweet little buggers in and out this summer. Tyler has decided he wants to kick off his summer vacation with a mini vacation with hubby and I. We think the main draw is AJ the Beagle. Tyler is so lonely after the loss of his best buddy Cody Jackson. He couldn't wait to go to bed at his last sleepover with us so he could cuddle up with the beagle :)

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  1. I hope Tyler is enjoying his sleep over. Thanks for commenting about the quilt. After seeing your work, I know you know a thing or two about quilts!