Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Officaly Summer

 Tyler decided last week he wanted to spend a few days with Papaw and I now that school is out. Of course we know that AJ the Beagle is the biggest draw :) Those electronic games he wants to play 24/7 dive me right up the wall!!!! So I put him to work. He enjoyed working in the kitchen and of course eating the cookies and food was pretty nice too.
 In the evenings Papaw kept him busy in the garden planting and weeding.
 I had a nice pile of pillowcases we are giving Elijah to donate to the children's hospital where he is receiving his treatments so I put the bugger to work loading them in zip lock baggies.
 I think we had 40 in total when all was said an done.
 Tater Tot's Mommy gave him a SHORT hair cut last week :) Our temps are hovering in the 100's, way to hot for all that hair he had. He and Papaw enjoyed some lemon aide at Kara's final game of the season Saturday. So THANKFUL they had the 9:00AM game!!! Honey it's hot outside!!!!
Kara was super excited to get her T-Ball trophy after the game Saturday. Mommy is going to have to find some sort of summer activity for her to burn off all that energy now that the season in over!!!!

It's been a whirlwind of activities this past week with the end of the school year going ons, I am ready for some quite time!!!!

Hubby and I skipped out on Sunday family time to drive around looking at more property for his retirement mini farm. The big kids carried on without us enjoying a few hours at DD#1's pool followed by dinner. LOVE THAT!!! We so want our big kids to carry on what we think is one of the most important traditions for our family, Sunday dinner.

Today I'm off for another round of Dr. visits, booooo followed by a day of FMQ that needs to be completed super fast!!! I am trying really hard not to complain about the heat wave we are having, holy moley!!!!


  1. I know after the winter we had it seems awful to complain about the heat.........but it's something we all do!! Got Our Little Munchkin coming up today with her family, so that will make a nice change for mid-week.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful summer - and a cool down. That's a lot of pillowcases!

  3. I can't believe how fast this baby grew up! And how much he and his sister look like each other. Such beautiful children!