Thursday, June 25, 2015

What the Heck Have I been doing?

 On of the biggest things that has finally been knocked off my To Do list (for now) was to finish up with all the poking, probing, and tests the Dr's. had ordered. So I have this pile of machines I have to take with me wherever I go and record whatever my body is doing, grrr Seeing how's we are going on a quick trip and the fact that I think I deserve a special treat for all the not so fun testing over the past two weeks, I bought myself a new bag :) Everything fits perfectly inside and its really cute, so much better than the yucky bags they all came in!!
 I was also SUPER busy helping DD#1 host her first ever essential oils workshop. There were bags to make, recipe cards, labels for the bottles, the bottles themselves, the list was LONG.
 In and out of soooo many stores finding cute useful things her ladies would need when they started mixing their lotions and potions.
 All that running around in this HEAT!!!!! UGHHHH
She had her workshop last night with 9 ladies. Everything was perfect :) The ladies all had a blast and are looking forward to her next workshop. Seeing as how one of the BIG no no's for me is being around too many different opened essentical oils at one time I spent the evening sitting on her back porch. Nothing like being the yard dog in 100 degree temps. Oh what we do for our kiddo's but it was worth it.
 I between all the ripping, running, and creating I finally finished the second quilt I HAD to have completed today. After a spin in the washer and dryer all that was left to do is look for tiny loose threads.
 It's so soft an cuddly. If it wasn't over 100 degrees I might just break it in with a early evening nap
 This is as close as this finished quilt is going to get to the clothesline. Honey its HOT outside!!!
That's the Good, the Bad, and now for the Ugly. I spent most of the day Sunday getting fruits, veggies and such cut up. Made a few picnic sorta sides as well. One of the main sides our SIL's and hubby wanted for Fathers Day was a pan of cheesy potatoes. Just as they gang arrived the timer went off on the oven, perfect. I turned the oven off but left the potato's inside so they would be nice and warm when dinner hit the table.
As hubby and I were kicked back in our chairs enjoying the peace and quite after all the big and little kids left I remembered that stinkin pan of potato's was untouched still sitting in the oven!!!!

A mind is a terrible thing to lose :)

Today was one of those days. Not one single thing went right. Of course this only happens when you have no time to spare :( Rather than give up I just dug in and carried on. Hubby and I are on the road in the AM before the sun comes up to visit his family in IL. So excited to see everyone we are so far from.
Looking forward to an uneventful trip!!!


  1. love your new Vera Bradley bag!!! Huge, huge fan of hers! Don't like those temperatures, a lot cooler up here I am pleased to say!

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! What is the finished size and the size of the blocks? It sure looks cuddly!