Friday, June 19, 2015

DIY Fathers Day

Hubby has been saying for awhile now that he wanted Bill O'Rielly's set of documents. I finally ask him last week where in the heck would he hang them? His response "In my office" BINGO!!!! While I do like each and every one of them they just wouldn't fit in my decor :) There are 4 in the complete set of course he wanted them all. With myself and our DD's getting one each for him he would be all set. Figured I could knock Fathers Day gift off my to do list quick and easy, that is until I saw the price $69.95 each. OUCH What's a thrifty Nanny to do? I ordered the documents only $19.95 :) We figured we could each use a 50% off coupon to purchase our frames then have a Mommy DD's craft day to pull it all together.

Total cost of supplies $135.00, not too bad. Had we ordered the documents already framed and shipped it would have been over $280.00. While ours might not be as professional as the ones in the on line store they are not bad at all
Mommy DD's days also include 5 little ones with sticky hands, hungry bellies, and more energy than the Ever Ready Bunny. My nerves just couldn't take it :) I completed them all yesterday morning on my own, the DD's can hand over a check to cover their part of the cost. The deed is done with no blood shed!!
 My afternoon and evening was filled with these buggers. Blake's new favorite thing to do is flip over the kitchen stools, UGH You would think he wouldn't like the LOUD bang they make when they fall, you would be wrong. In his 12 month old world that is the best part.
I just happened to catch this photo of Kara as the second stool was coming down. Happy to report it missed her. The stools have been relocated to the other side of the gate. I can only take so much no matter how happy it might make Tater Tot.
Before the kiddo's arrived I was able to get in some quilting. If I can hold up my head after they leave today I should be able to move forward with some help from that trusty crock pot.
Off to the races, I need to pick up the grands, make a run to the grocery, and a stop off at the playground before the temps hit 100 degrees again today

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  1. I have those documents. Way back a set was sold by I think the Franklin Mint. Mine includes The Star Spangled Banner and the Bill of rights. Your Hubby will enjoy them as much as we do. It's a great Father's Day gift!