Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Mid Morning Slump

 This past 2 weeks have been way to busy!!!!! While we have accomplished so many things around the house and yard there is still much To Do :( Finding a balance is an ongoing challenge for me, for the most part this spring has been a "Hang on to the end of the rope" experiance. I have learned to swing from that rope and enjoy the ride. (most of the time)

Yesterday was one of our many fun times with the Grands. Having them all together is a blast, it's like watching a pack of puppies play but......Lord it can get overwhelming!!! Having one or two of them alone....Pure pleasure :) Papaw has been working with each of them this spring to build "burdie" houses. My original plan was to have a cute "burdie" yard art thing in the back yard. Not gonna happen, the kiddo's are so proud of their houses they just have to take them home.
 Mason man and Karysn had an extra special treat when I let them go into the sewing/scraproom to pick out the perfect paint for their houses. That room is OFF LIMITS for the grands as there are just too many things they could get hurt with. Karsyns eyes were as big as saucers when she caught a glimpse of some super clearance satin fabric I have put back for Bitty Baby "Frozen" dresses. Mason man was all over the stamps and ink pads :)
 While Papaw was working away with them I got a chance to hang my latest quilt!!!!
 I love how it turned out. All soft and crinkly after a spin in the washer and dryer. This quilt will be a gift to one of hubby's elderly Aunts this summer. I have sew missed having time at the sewing machine. One down 2 more to go!!!
 Of course sports is always on the event list over the weekends. All of the seasons are coming to a close. As much as we enjoy the ball parks sitting in the ever rising temperatures for hours on end here in the south is no picnic. Port-a-Johns....I won't miss that!!!!
 Since the grands won't be around for a few days I wheeled my essential oils cart out for some oily fun. So many recipes, so little time
 I wanted to share some Hot Flash tubes with the Nanny's, Grammies, Gigi's, and Mimi's yesterday at the final Football game. Thinking up and making labels was the last step. Hopefully this "Smokin Hot Mama" tube will be helpful for us all

My plan was to dress them up with some washi tape along with the labels. Note to self, recover cute Washi tape I let DD#1 use :)
Here is a little Oily experience I had last night. Keep in mind I am not a Dr., Pharmacist, or health care professional, nor did I sleep at a Holiday Inn last night :)

So I have been really enjoying the diluted Lavender oil blend I mixed up for a good nights sleep. It's been close to 2 months since we added this to our night time ritual with AMAZING results!! Last night when I reached for my oil blend I remembered it was pretty much empty. Durn, since I have some essential Lavender in the bathroom I figured I would just freshen the bottle up with some of that. BIG mistake!!!!! I am SO sensitive to all of the oils and smells of all sorts I really must use a carrier oil to dilute everything!!!! I was too lazy to go down staires and mix it right for my body.

So what was the result in my over use of lavender? I was WIDE awake until after 3:00 AM, Ugh!!!!!
We are love, love, loving our journey into essential oils, however the suggestions, tips, warnings, whatever, that all oils don't work the same on everyone is TRUE!!!! You can bet the first thing this morning I diluted the heck out of my sleepy time roller ball blend.

Today I am so thankful for many things.

A house that is quite. Hubby has returned to the office, wonderful buddies we love to death visit has ended

A beautiful crock pot that is doing its thing for tonight's supper

A washer and dryer that is in working order and doing some OT today.

A fridge full of leftover so I don't have to cook lunch

A sweet little Beagle who stayed up late with me last night and is napping the day away instead of driving me crazy wanting to run in and out "Hunting"

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  1. gosh you do sound very busy. Great to let the grands do crafts. Need to think up more to do things with ours before I see them next.