Thursday, March 18, 2010

Buttons and Babies

I was so excited yesterday about the paper I found for the baby girl scrapbook I blew off the rest of my to-do list and made a few pages, in keeping with this weeks theme I made sure to use buttons! The design for the page is from the Caboodle WOTG I just finished for the baby boy scrapbook, same but really different when you use different paper and embellishments. I am so stinkin excited to work on this scrapbook can't wait to give it to the new Mom and Dad.
Also decided to post a photo of my scraproom and what it really looks like when I am working, I have had so many nice complements on my Little Room of Sin I wanted to make sure and share the good, bad and ugly! I make a heck of a mess when I scrapbook but I normally clean up after each layout, the exception was yesterday, I might have blown off my to-do list but supper is one item my hubby will notice if it doesn't get done, Ha. So today I will have to do a clean up before I get started then try and squeeze in a page or two while Tyler is napping, not an easy thing to do.

I know the experts say buttons are out but why in the world would you pass on buttons when they are so darn cute on layouts? Keep digging out your buttons ladies and lets use what we love, to heck with what the experts say, this isn't brain surgery you know.

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