Sunday, March 21, 2010

Last of the buttons

Here are 2 more layouts I was able to complete yesterday between yard work and a some Harley riding. Both pages are for a Ella's scrapbook, I need to buckle down next week and get this one finished, still have lots more to make with all the upcoming babies this summer.

So how did you do with your button stash? I used over 100 buttons, not bad. Here is what I discovered, the jars of old buttons didn't get touched, I ended up using all CTMH buttons because they were a perfect match and there are enough of each color that I didn't have to substitute for something that doesn't match. There are 100 buttons in each package with 4 different colors so I have lots of choices from tiny winy to nice and bulky. I will be sorting my old random button jars today to see if I want to hang on to any of them, the leftovers will be going to Tyler's day care next week, they are always in need of craft supplies. CTMH has 25 color selections in buttons that match their card stock so that should be all I will need in the future, the old stuff needs to go, gotta make room for the new!!

Monday we will be starting a new challenge so stay tuned and lets all keep scrapin, summer will be here before you know it, if you are like me I have a heck of a time getting as much done in the summer, with vacations, riding, garden, yard work, boating, sports, the list goes on and on

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