Monday, March 29, 2010

Unfinished Projects NO MORE!!

Sunday is our family day, the kids come over in the afternoon to hang out and have supper, I don't get much done on Sunday's other than lots of cooking, but this Sunday was rainy, stormy, tornado's, the works so the kids didn't come over until supper time and left early. Had a super easy Sunday dinner that left me time to work on my first unfinished project!!

The Harley Davidson scrap book is done!! All 20 pages finished and tucked in their page protectors ready to deliver to Bob's buddy tonight. Before you think I am some super hero of scrapers to have pulled this off I will give you my super hero's tips;
Used motorcycle themed papers ( no thinking and matching involved)
Very few embellishments, (guys could care less)
Didn't matte every photo, (GASP that's big for me!!)
Scraplifted each layout (Had already done Bobs)
Used the heck out of the Cricut for titles (plain and simple no bells and whistles)
Even got a compliment from my hubby, "WOW he is gonna love this, it is really cool"

So on to more unfinished projects today, maybe I can knock out a few more but I don't think I can find anything that will be as easy as this one has been.

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