Sunday, March 28, 2010

Queen Of Unfinished Projects

Sound like someone you know...... I feel like I get so much done in a day, week, month, year but I too have plenty of unfinished projects to get busy on. So this week is unfinished projects week and I really dread it. I know of a few things I need to knock out but I am so afraid once I start digging I will find more than I bargained for. I know I will find some things that I don't really like anymore or maybe never did so that's why I set it aside but no more excuses, I will get them done!!!!

My first unfinished project is a Harley Davidson scrapbook I started for a friend last fall, He is one of the buddies my Husband went with to Milwaukee, WI 2 years ago for the 105th anniversary of Harley Davidson. It shouldn't be to hard to finish, I have all the photo's printed, most of the supplies on hand, already have the scrapbook purchased, now I need to just glue my rump to the chair and get busy!!!! But what I really want to do is scrapbook Bob's Daytona bike week trip and update his album before the summer of riding starts. Enough rambling, that's it, gonna make it happen right now, no more stalling, no more excuses, wish me luck!!! Find one of your own unfinished projects and lets get busy together, misery loves company! Ha
Feel like I should post a picture of some sort so today's photo's are of our youngest Daughter Kelli and her Husband Nathan with our future Granddaughter at 5 month's pregnant and a little sneak peek at the babies nursery, it is such a sweet and peaceful room, can't wait to meet baby girl Hines.

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