Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Get R Done

A little more of my to do pile got cleaned out yesterday, seems to be more projects than I thought waiting around, so I will be hitting it early today. Our yard is taking up so much time and the weekend storms added to the already growing pile of limbs and branches to be cleaned out so I can't stay in my room of sin all day, darn!
I assembled the 2 kits posted yesterday but don't have photo's for the Cricut layout yet, it turned out cute but the colors made my head swim, bright colors do that to me. I used a few photo's of Tyler from this past Christmas on the second layout. I now remember why these were set aside, they are a PAIN to do, so many little pieces and do dad's, not sure now why I even bought them, I am much more of a simple scrapper, not to crazy about such busy layouts, however they are done and will be moved to the scrapbooks soon.
I hope you are feeling motivated to finish your own unfinished projects, this week has been a good experience for me and again I am learning more about my own scrapbooking style. One thing for sure I have learned is just because you see it doesn't mean you need to buy it!!

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