Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Recipe Box Finished

I finally found a few minutes to get the recipe cards and dividers finished. Now comes the hard work of filling out the recipe cards, ugh! I may take the time and do our favorites on a word document so I can just print them on the PC. I give new Brides a recipe scrapbook along with a gift card to a kitchen store for a shower gift. I send out the pages to family and friends to fill out then compile them all in a binder scrapbook, takes lots of time and money. I plan on switching over to these cute and easy to make recipe boxes, we have 3 Bridal showers coming up this summer. I need to have a rainy day so I can get busy on them. Very short post today, Tyler is with me, the house is a mess after the long holiday weekend, and the garden is in desperate need of weeding, sure could use a snow day.

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