Sunday, August 1, 2010

2 bushels down 0 to go!!

Bob won, we took at 4 1/2 hour trip to SC. for peaches, plums, and peanuts. We have had off and on rain with a super cool weekend so we ended up driving the car, we even had supper at Krystal Hamburgers so it was a great day even with the back up on the interstate. Bob polished off the peanuts before we made it home (small bag), I dehydrated about 1/2 of the plums (only 1/4 bushel), and canned 18 pints of peaches, the rest are in the dehydrator now. I have had a busy weekend working peaches but 2 bushels are put up for the winter. We even had a peach cobbler for Sunday Dinner that was pretty good, but I am now OVER peaches, don't want to see any more for awhile, we have all we need!!

Tomorrows plan is to get the July 4th scrapbook pages done before the week gets away from me, it never fails by Tuesday or Wednesday the week seems to have a mind of it's own and I am just trying to keep up. The garden has slowed down a bit other than the jalapeno peppers but they are super easy to dehydrate so maybe I can get a bit of a break on that front. Kelli is back on her feet and Kara has developed a bit of a schedule for now so they should not need nearly as much help as in the past few weeks. I am excited to get a chance to tie up lots of unfinished projects for now.

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