Friday, September 9, 2011

Garden Goodness

It is hard to believe that the garden is still producing with the jungle of weeds that have taken over. I gave up weeding 2 weeks ago, things had gotten so out of hand while we were on vacation I couldn't get the upper hand again. This weekend I will be canning a second round of tomato's for the week along with filling the dehydrator and doing a little something with the butternut squash. Our tomato plants are basically dead but the green tomatoes that are left are riping everyday so we may still get enough to continue canning into next week, amazing!! Hubby is due home in a week for some BADLY needed time at home, first on our list is to turn the traditional garden under and let it rest over the fall and winter, plow under the tomato patch and begin a new tomato area for next spring. I will continue with the veggies we have planted in the raised beds until winter but compaired to the traditional garden and tomato patch they are a no brainier!! I am blown away by our success this year in the garden. I had very little time to devote to weeding, hoeing and watering in the spring due to having the little girls full time, over the summer the heat became so unbearable little work was done but durn if the plants didn't keep on keeping on.

If you have ever thought about trying your hand at a back yard garden now is the time to plan for next spring, do yourself a favor and go with raised beds unless you don't mind spending hours on end working a traditional garden. I don't think we will ever do away with our traditional garden because no matter how much work it is to keep up I love the way it looks, there is something that takes me back in time when we were growing up with our Grandmother working in her garden each day that feeds my soul as well as our belly!

After the little girls left today I planned to work on the Halloween table runners but the weather was so nice I instead opened the back door turned the fan on high and hit the couch. Maybe over the weekend I can get back to some sewing but it is really hard to stay in the house when we are having such beautiful weather!!!!


  1. I'm going to have a raised garden next year, thanks for the advice!! Just need to figure out what else I need!! lol!

  2. Cjheck our square foot gardening, the book has lots of info. We don't plant per his instructions instead I use each bed for a different crop but it works great for just starting out